Brush With Kindness

Habitat for Humanity in Union County is a non-profit ecumenical Christian ministry that works to build decent, safe, affordable housing for people who meet certain income guidelines.  Volunteers are also willing to assist current homeowners who qualify under similar income guidelines with “A Brush with Kindness” program for small projects that would improve the appearance, safety, or energy efficiency of their home.

Project may involve:
  • Exterior repairs to doors, windows, porches, ect.
  • painting and/or siding repair
  • minor structural repairs
  • installation of handicap accessible ramps and railings
  • other necessary home repairs
Projects may not involve:
  • Roofing
  • Elective re-construction or remodeling projects
  • Re-decorating projects or unnecessary aesthetic changes
Applicants must meet 3 criteria:
  • Need
Currently living in a home in unsafe or otherwise poor conditions
Unable to perform the repairs themselves
Unable to afford to pay someone to do the repairs
Fall below listed income levels

Union County, Iowa
FY 2012 MFI: 56700
1 PERSON 12500 20800 33250
2 PERSON 14250 23750 38000
3 PERSON 16050 26700 42750
4 PERSON 17800 29650 47450
5 PERSON 19250 32050 51250
6 PERSON 20650 34400 55050
7 PERSON 22100 36800 58850
8 PERSON 23500 39150 62650

  • Willingness to accept financial responsibility
Be up to date on mortgage and property tax payments
The family must be able to pay in full upon completion for the products needed for the project.
  • Willingness to partner with Habitat 
Family must be willing to assist volunteers with the project to the extent that they are physically able to do so.  
The family must obtain and provide the required documentation and information by the given deadlines.

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