About Us

Habitat for Humanity of Union County was established in 2002 by a dedicated group of individuals who were all volunteers who shared a vision. The first Habitat house in Creston was constructed by this all volunteer work force. Over the years there have bee many hardworking Board members and volunteers who worked to bring about our mission. Our mission is to provide safe affordable housing and home repair to those in Union County who would not otherwise be able to accomplish this. We are always looking for interested people to join us by offering their talents to help us accomplish our mission.

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  1. There are many run down and condemned homes in Creston. The City clears these houses and offers Habitat the lots for building. This puts a new attractive home where there was once a dangerous eyesore. Our homes improve neighborhoods.

  2. These new homes pay taxes and contribute to the county's tax base for many years.

  3. Becoming a homeowner, often for the first time, makes people see things differently. They care more about their home, their neighborhoods, and their City.

  4. Students at the High School and SWCC building trades programs help build our homes. They learn valuable marketable skills. These students may become our future carpenters and electricians.

  5. Our volunteers have found an excellent outlet for giving back to their communities, sharing their skills in construction, business, funding raising, and finance. They learn new skills and become part of the World Wide Habitat Family.

Charlie Westman

  • President

Chuck Taylor

  • Vice President

Phyllis Allen

  • Treasurer

Phyllis O'Daniels

  • Secretary

Phyllis Allen - Finance Committee

Bonnie Westman - Family Selection and Support

Kyle Harvey - Building Committee

Charlie Westman - Fundraising and Public Relations

Cindy McDermott - Volunteer Coordinator

Other Members of the Board of Directors

  • Arlan Biere

  • Nancy James

  • Jim Mansour

  • Phil Wardenburg