Habitat News

We are happy to announce that Habitat House #9 is finished after a long Pandemic delay. Closing took place on December 18th. Mike Pettit is the proud owner of this new residence. In January we hope to have a house blessing and video tour to share with you. Also house number 10 is closed in and it is hoped interior finishing will resume in January.

Vice-President Chuck Taylor hands over the keys to House #9 to the new owner Mike Pettit.

Don Butler has retired from the Habitat Board after 18 years of service. Don was one of the original founders of Union County Habitat and along with other volunteers built our first homes. The photo shows Jesse Bolinger presenting Don with an engraved hammer in appreciation of his many years of service.

Sept. 2021

We are happy to announce the completion of House #10. It has been a wonderful experience involving many volunteers, the SWCC and High School trades programs and our partner Melissa Clymer and her extended family, Below are photos of the house closing, house blessing, and gathering of Habitat members and Melissa's family.

We have begun construction on House #11 on South Maple and are looking forward to a good year of building.

August 2022:  Union County Habitat has been very busy this Summer. In June we completed a large wrap around deck and ramp project in Arispe. This involved a large number of volunteers and family help. It provided much needed handicap access to the home. Last week we closed on House #11. It was the culmination of another successful year of building. We start on House #12 in a few weeks.

Charlie Westman hands Shayna Davis the keys to House #11.